Headless CMS for Node.js developers
A powerful, yet simple platform that allows you to define the data schema of your app, and write your own REST API right from your browser. Great for mobile app development.
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The perfect mix between a BaaS and a CMS:
Corus brings you everything a developer expects from a type of “backend-as-a-service” tool. Not only that, it will also help you forget about programming a frontend so your customers can access the backend of their app. Its interface is so customizable and easy to use that even your “non-techie clients” will be able to manage contents from the very start.
Friendly NoSQL Database
Design the data model of your app using different types of fields and defining complex relationships between entities. It’s a piece of cake and pleasing to the eye!
Your own Node.js code
Program your app’s API, your data triggers and scheduled tasks directly from your browser, using any of the more than 200k npm packages available.
Client Branding
You will also be able to change the color scheme as well as the Corus interface logos, so your customers feel at home.
Great for mobile apps
You can access Corus’s Rest API from any device. Besides, its features make it ideal for mobile development: image scaling on the fly, installations history, log of devices or even sending push campaigns.
One corporate, many apps
With Corus, you will create different applications within the same corporate. It centralizes the management and allows your users to deploy the same credentials in all the apps from your organization.
Fast, secure, and super scalable
Corus uses the latest container technology on the best infrastructure in the world. Create your app in a single container and make it grow as necessary.
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